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First and foremost, we want to thank you for visiting our site, the first thing we want you to know is that when we talk about services, we mean cooperation and collaboration. We want to be your ally. We want not just a client-provider relationship but an alliance with you.

When we use the word “consulting”, we really mean consulting. We consult first with you by telling you what types of services that we offer. Also, we work with you to assess what you want and need, but we also have a large network build up by very strong relationships across the board and many resources that can be combined and tailored to your needs as a package not as an individual one size fits all cookie cutter peace.

Access Cooperative is set out to make a difference in the consulting industry. It is clear that agencies in the US and elsewhere are failing to provide a translation service that fit locally with the communities they serve.


Access Cooperative is different from other “agencies”. We use consultants that are Worker/Owners, interpreters and translators who are based in the target communities, who adapt, not copy, to make the best impact in their languages. Our aim is to make your translations come to life, as though they had been originated in the target language.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction and attention to detail sets us apart from the rest. We see ourselves as more than a “service agency” – we are a language partner. We provide services you can depend on at every stage of your project, we are part of the community we service, we care for it and we depend on it, as it depend on us, as an ecosystem.

We strive for sharing knowledge and building empowerment – not to provide a voice but to achieve a more level playing field so people can have their voices heard. Non-English speaking communities have been silenced by the inequalities due to the lack of language access. We take pride in our work, our clients’ success is our success – we want you to come back.

Clients include:

  • Worcester Co-op Academy
  • Haymarket Peoples’ Fund
  • Rhode Island Foundation
  • Solidarity And Green Economy Alliance
  • Environmental Justice League of Rhode Island
  • Stone Soup Community Center
  • Worcester Immigrant Coalition
  • Institute for Engaged Citizenship and more…

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  1. Dear ACS,

    I am organizing a panel for the May 6 conference of the New England Translators Association. The title is: “A Justice-Seeking Interpreting Ethics.” We are looking for an activist community interpreter, especially one who works with immigrants or LEP persons. Can you recommend anyone who does this sort of work who also thinks “politically” in the sense of being able to talk about larger political and societal issues beyond just interpreting?

    Please give me a call: 617-868-8070

    I should be in much of the day today.

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